About RRA

The Round Rock Area Arts Council, dba Round Rock Arts, wants to involve you with the arts and culture scene in Round Rock! With four excellent annual performance and art shows under our belt, successful Chalk Walk events in October 2010 and 2011,  monthly art exhibits at ArtSpace in downtown Round Rock, and awarding grants to Round Rock based art non-profits, art initiatives in Round Rock are increasingly supported by government, corporations, and artists alike. With two theater groups, two symphonies, a community choir, and talented artists whose works are displayed in various venues around town, this “Sports Capital of Texas” has hit a home run in encouraging the creative class.

The goal of the all-volunteer organization is to encourage, support and enhance arts and cultural activities in the Round Rock area to transform the city into a thriving arts and culture scene.

“We have a lot of culture and history in Round Rock but it’s not as evident as it could and should be,” said Art’s Council President Kris Whitfield, Mayor Pro Tem for the City of Round Rock and Chair of the Round Rock Chamber of Commerce’s, Arts, Culture & Education Committee. “Our sights are on promoting creative arts in the community to help strengthen that sense of place in Round Rock. And as a noteworthy auxiliary benefit, a strong arts component in the community helps us attract future business and investment.”

“No one wants to live in a community devoid of arts and culture,” said Cathy Kincaid, Past President of the Round Rock Area Arts Council and Executive Editor of the Community Impact Newspaper group. “The arts stimulate conversation about the community and contribute to making it an appealing place for all of us who live here and those who come to visit.”

Made up of a grassroots group of dedicated and diverse individuals, the non-profit, 501 c 3 designated, Round Rock Area Arts Council was formed in January 2009. It also promotes all art and performing venues in the city, facilitating regular gatherings with all art groups located in Round Rock. Visit us! Add your talents by volunteering! DONATE!

2015 Board Officers

Kris Whitfield, President

Amanda Morgan, Vice President

Brian Cave, Treasurer

Michaela Dollar, Secretary

Cathy Kincaid, Past President

Board Members

* Hollis Bone

Vicki Brevell

Brian Cave

Chad Chadwell

Caroline Cohoon

Doretta Conrad

Michaela Dollar

Danny Harris

John Howell

* Cathy Kincaid

Bethany Leffingwell

Judy McLeod

Amanda Morgan

  Glenda Morrison

Richard Parson

* Dr. Edna Rehbein

Heather Michel Riddle

Lisa Roebuck

Miranda Stewart

* Rick White

* Kris Whitfield

Scot Wilkinson


* founding members

Community Advocates

Rufus Honeycutt

* Laurie Mahnke

Janet Oh

* Dale Ricklefs – website mgmt

Nelda Sheets

Kristine Warren

Erica Wiggins

Christina Rudofsky, Manager of Outreach and Gallery Manager, ArtSpace

Scot Wilkinson, City of Round Rock-Arts & Culture Director