Call for Art

Round Rock Arts hosts monthly exhibits at ArtSpace, located at 231 East Main Street. An opening reception is usually held the first Thursday of each month and is open to the public. Most calls are open, though one to three exhibits a year may be closed and are marked as such.

Calls for judged shows held at Texas State University are also posted below.

The immediate past exhibit for all calls will have a hyperlink if the call was an open call. The link provides the artists with instructions related to picking up their material at the end of the show and any other parameters important to the artists.

Please review the instructions following the call information below on proper wiring of your work to avoid rejection of your work when you bring it for the exhibit.

2015 Calls by Exhibit Location



How to Minimize Rejection of Your Work When You Bring It In

Each call describes the framing requirements for works submitted for a show. What may not be as clear is the type of hooks, wiring, and placement of such hooks and wires required for our shows. At ArtSpace and Jester, pieces are hung by a wire, referred to in the video links below. One video addresses wrapped canvas works and the other traditional framed art. We see some horrendous wiring resulting in works falling forward from the wall, as referred to in both of the videos. The common cause is placing the wire too low in the back of the frame. As a general rule, you should never place your hooks any further down than 1/3 of the painting height.

Please review the links below. If the work you submit cannot be hung safely (e.g, strong enough wire and secure hooks) or neatly (e.g., work falls forward away from the wall) it may be denied. Also note that the cheap, wiggly metal frames from the area craft shops are not acceptable, even with glass. They come apart and the glass has broken in the past.

Questions? Contact ArtSpace at 512-218-7099.

Preferred hanging method for pictures in a wood or traditional frame

Preferred hanging method for wrapped canvas work

Please look for announcements about new open calls on our Facebook page at, or visit this page again soon.
For more information, contact unless indicated otherwise. Also visit the Events/Artists’ Gallery for other exhibits we sponsor.
PLEASE, DO NOT SUBMIT ARTWORK THROUGH EMAIL ADDRESSES! THEY MAY GET MISSED. Only use the email addresses to notify the coordinators that you are having a problem.
FOR ARTISTS: For information on picking up art work after the close of a show, please see the appropriate link