Call for Art

CALL FOR ART: Exhibit Opportunities

Please use our easy online process – using the hyperlinks below — to submit artwork for consideration toward a specific upcoming exhibit at one of our three exhibit locations. Thank you for participating!


We are currently accepting submissions for consideration for these ArtSpace exhibits:

Recent/Closed ArtSpace calls for art:


Round Rock Arts produces three large juried exhibitions each year at this partnering location.

For Wrapped Canvas and Traditional Framed Art Submits:

Do You Have Questions About Our Framing Requirements Listed in Our Call for Art? If so, please read and view the below.

Each Call for Art describes the framing requirements for 2D works submitted for a show. What may not be as clear is the type of wiring and placement of such wiring that is required for our shows for wrapped canvas artwork and other traditional framed artwork.

One video below addresses wrapped canvas works, and the other traditional framed art. It is important to wire your work properly so that we can ensure being able to hang your artwork in our exhibit and using our gallery hanging system. Additionally, for the safety of your piece, we offer our wiring guidelines.

Please review the links below. If the work you submit cannot be hung safely (e.g, strong enough wire and secure hooks and frames that are in quality condition) or neatly (e.g., work falls forward away from the wall), it may be denied.

Questions? Contact us at

Preferred hanging method for pictures in a wood or traditional frame:

Preferred hanging method for wrapped canvas work: