Chalk Art Contests and Auctions

  • Silent Auction of Chalk Art       Fri/Sat at on the street
  • Look for the clip boards and bid!
  • Closes at 5:30 on Sat Oct. 5th

LIVE ART Auction Winners of the Chalk Walk will be auctioned off at 6pm
Main Stage

This year there will be an exciting auction at the Round Rock Chalk Walk, The chalk art itself will be available at our auction.

The first is the new and exciting LARGE Art auction which will be the chalk art that was made on the street on 4′x4′ or 4′x6′ art boards. RRA will be having a on going silent auction on the street where you can bid on your favorite pieces. Those art pieces that win in the top of their category will move on to a live auction between 6-7pm on Saturday evening immediately following the announcement of the winners. If you need some great large art, this will be the place!

Wouldn’t this work of art be AMAZING in your home?  This year you can bid on it!
CW Finish 1