Curator's Corner:
Karley Miller

Curator’s Corner is a special and ongoing blog feature that highlights artists currently on display in one of Round Rock Arts galleries. Our Gallery Curator, Carol Lee, speaks with these artists to better understand their inspiration, their art, their perspective, and their craft.  Karley Miller currently has her work on display in the Round Rock Arts Artspace Gallery now through September 27th.   You can find more of  Miller’s work on her social media outlets – Facebook, Instagram, & Linkedin.


What Inspires Your Work?

“I like trying to build relatable narratives in my work that have to do with concepts such as the human search to find a balance between heavy emotion and logic. This comes from being inspired by criminology, psychology, anatomy and philosophy. This tends to gear me toward making work with macabre imagery, which I love because you can take it in so many directions: funny, scary, solemn, reminiscent; the possibilities are endless.”

~ Karley Miller

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