Curator's Corner:
Wendy Layne

Curator’s Corner is a special and ongoing blog feature that highlights artists currently on display in one of Round Rock Arts galleries. Our Gallery Curator, Carol Lee, speaks with these artists to better understand their inspiration, their art, their perspective, and their craft.  Wendy Layne currently has three of her colored pencil drawings on display in the Round Rock Arts Artspace Gallery now through September 27th.  “Alone”,  won Best of Show in the adult category!  A must see!  You can find more of  Layne’s work on her website, or take one of her colored pencil workshops at Round Rock ArtSpace Gallery!! 


“I dabbled in arts and crafts for many years while working full time as an IT Project Manager. In September of 2014 I discovered colored pencils. After 1 year of developing my skills and realizing my love of the medium, I left my full time job to pursue art as a career. While I enjoy multiple mediums and an occasional still life, photorealistic colored pencil portraits are my favorite form of artistic expression. I love the details that I can capture with colored pencils but a lot of patience is required as it can take as much as 100 hours to complete a portrait depending on the size. Along with exhibiting and selling my work Internationally, winning awards across the country and being featured in numerous books and magazines, I also enjoy doing demonstrations and teaching colored pencil technique workshops.”

~ Wendy Layne

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