Welcome to the 2019 Chalk Artist registration page! Chalk Walk will be held in Round Rock, Texas October 4-5.

A lot is new this year. We are at the Dell Diamond; there will be tents in the chalking area for artists to kick back a bit and get cool refreshments; parking will be better; and the stadium will be open for food, a seat, and real restrooms!

Rates are $50 through September 30, and $60 through October 4 (space available).  We’ll close down online registration if we are full before October 4.

Scroll down through the awards and FAQ to get to the artist registration form. Or, stop along the way to make sure that you read the FAQ to see what might have changed from previous years!

Award Categories Award Amounts
Open Division- All Ages Eligible
Best In Show $1000
Overall 2nd Place $300
Overall 3rd Place $200
Most Creative $50
Best Representation of Round Rock $50
Best Animal $50
Best Figure $50
Best Copy of a Famous Masterpiece $50
Awards Based on School Grades
Best in Show Elementary School $100
Second Place Elementary School $50
Third Place Elementary School $25
Best in Show Middle School $100
Second Place Middle School $50
Third Place Middle School $25
Best in Show High School $100
Second Place High School $50
Third Place High School $25

Listed below is the schedule for the chalk artists. You might want to bookmark this page!

Thursday, 10/3
5-7 pm
MANDATORY chalk artist check-in and packet pick up.  Artists will receive their goody-bag, 48 color chalk pastel set, and get to choose their square space location.  If you can’t make it, you MUST send a friend to pick up your artist packet for you.  You will NOT be able to pick up your packet late.
Thursday, 10/3
5 pm
Artists may begin working on their CW street paintings beginning at 5pm on Thursday (anytime after checking in), and they may work on their paintings at 5:00 pm and continue working through Saturday prior to judging.
Saturday, 10/5 TBA Judging of artwork, but will happen late Saturday afternoon
Saturday, 10/5 TBA Awards Ceremony, but will happen at or before 6 pm


Can I use Spray-Chalk?
No. Artists may only use pastel sticks.

Can I use a large printed template or “mask” to trace my artwork onto the street?
No. To maintain the integrity of the festival, artists may not bring in masks to trace their work. Any artist using a mask will be disqualified from judging. The fun of the festival is to see artwork drawn by hand. However, artists may use hand-drawn chalk-grids, chalk-lines, etc.

Can I use large chalk sticks?
Yes. Large chalk sticks (aka. Jumbo Street Pastels) are approved. These are great for covering large areas.

Do I need to fill the ENTIRE 10’X10’ SQUARE with my street artwork?
No. You will be assigned a 10’x10′ chalk square area.  You can choose to work smaller or larger, as long as you leave plenty of room for your neighbor artists to work.  Remember, that it typically it takes 1 artist 2 FULL days to fill a 10’x10′ area, so if you choose to work bigger, do so at your own risk!

If I cannot check in on Thursday Oct 4, will there be a late check in?
No. Because the event is growing in size, it is important that all artists check in on Thursday, Oct 4th from 5-7pm. If you cannot check in at that time, you will need to send someone to check in for you. At check-in, artists will receive their 48 pastel set, artist location, swag, etc.

Can I work with a team of artists?
Yes. Just remember to register in the category that fits the age of the oldest artist on your team. (I.e. If a High School student is working with an adult, then they should enter in the “adult artist” category)

Can I bring my portfolio to show off?
Yes. Artists who have portfolios or business cards are encouraged to bring them to the event. It can be a time to network, meet new fans, and show off your talent! If you have a portfolio, you may set it down near your chalk square and let people look through it!

No standing umbrellas/ tents are allowed at the chalk walk, as the shadows create distracting shadows over the artwork, and it makes it difficult for the festival attendees to see the artwork. However, there will be shaded structures provided in the chalking area and access to restrooms in the Dell Diamond.

We will have a chalk information booth on-site, where CW artists can come and ask questions.  However, artists will NOT receive any additional chalk beyond what they get in their artist packet.  If artists wish to purchase additional chalk the day of the event, Jerry’s Artarama will sell JUMBO chalk and REGULAR size chalk at the artists booth.

Chalk Walk is a rain or shine event

Artists will receive an email with more information in the final week leading up to the event.

Have a question about the information in this call for chalk artists? Call Nancy at Cordovan Art School (512) 275-4040 during regular business hours.

Having technical difficulties with the form? Contact RRA at info@roundrockarts.org.

The following form may be used to request more than one square if the person submitting is responsible for those participating and the participants are in the same age group. Please provide names and contact information for each person or groups of persons chalking within the purchased squares.

The rate is $50.00 through midnight, September 30. It goes to $60.00 through October 4. If registration fills up prior to October 4, the registration form will be removed but the directions will remain for your reference.

Chalk Walk 2019 - Chalk Artist Registration
If you hare a school group or art club associated with a school, please provide the name of the school.