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Round Rock Prints
Submissions due December 8, 2019 at midnight

Round Rock Arts (RRA)  is proud to sponsor a call for art in conjunction with the PrintAustin January Tour. The Central Texas focused gallery will be  exhibited at The Downtowner Gallery located at 231 E. Main Street, Ste 160. “PrintAustin is an artist-led nonprofit working with local venues and artists to showcase traditional and contemporary approaches in printmaking.”

RRA wishes  to consider your original print-based artwork for this juried and judged art exhibit. Please see below for dates, times and details. Up to 35 five pieces may be accepted depending on the sizes of the works submitted.

Theme:  There is no theme. The focus is on the original print as described below. 

Requirements of the work:
Submissions must utilize traditional print media processes as primary techniques. These include lithography, relief, intaglio, silkscreen, metal etchings, photo polymer plate (i.e. SolarPlates), gelli prints, and monotype. Prints produced only through digital means and photographic prints are not eligible. Commercial reproductions are not eligible. The works should be made in 2016-current. For questions regarding eligible media, please contact

Entrant requirements:
Individual entrants must reside in the central Texas area (changed November 29). Submissions are accepted from individuals only. No submissions from gallery owners will be accepted in this small venue. Entrants must be 16 yrs of age or older as of January 6, 2020. Parental consent is required for entrants under 18 years old. The parent or guardian shall provide his/her full name on the electronic form prior to submission as the artist agreement and waiver of liability is a binding document.

Cost of Entry:
Each applicant may submit up to two (2) images of artworks being submitted for consideration. There is no charge for entering. Only one application per person. Accepted work is charged $10 hanging fee per item hung. Each piece of a multi-piece work is considered separate hangings unless all of the pieces of the multi-part work can hang on one wire. No work will be hung without payment by the December 30th payment date. No exceptions. Check your email for the invoice on the date noted under critical dates below. Payment  of hanging fees for accepted pieces prior to the December 30 midnight submission time constitutes final acceptance into the show. 


  • Works are limited to less than or equal to 48 inches high by 24 inches wide, including any framing. They must hang on the wall. No pedestals or cabinets are available for this show. Follow the directions on the form carefully.
  • Weight: maximum 50
  • Original works, designed and created by the artist, are accepted.
  • Works must be completed between 2016 and the time of the delivery of the work.
  • Submitted works must be family friendly for this city-owned public venue.
  • All media must be dry upon delivery of the work.
  • Artists may not substitute another work for an accepted work nor withdraw that work once it is accepted. All artwork will be exhibited for the duration of the show.  Review the schedule carefully. There are more details on this requirement later in this document.

Requirements for Preparing Your Work for Exhibition:

Framed work:
Wired for hanging. Must have D-Rings and picture wire that can support the weight of your work. No sawtooth hangers accepted. No eye rings are accepted. Wire should be slightly taut, with minimal slack, so that art will hang flat to the wall. Test the wiring on your own walls. The picture should not be hanging forward from the top! All framed work must be clean, stable and in good repair. Cracked frames or gaping joints or frames with broken glass will be rejected.

Unframed stretched canvas:
Must be at least 1.5” minimum depth. ¾ inch canvas in not acceptable unless framed: The unframed canvas must be fully wrapped. The sides must be painted or finished. No staples will be visible. Must be wired for hanging. Must have D-Rings and picture wire that can support the weight of your work. No sawtooth hangers accepted. All unframed work must be clean and in good repair.

Cradle board:
Shall be at least 1” minimum depth: Painted, stained or original unpainted sides. Cradle boards shall be wired for hanging with D-Rings and picture wire that can support the weight of your work. All Cradle boards must be clean and in good repair.

Metal substrate:
May be printed or painted on metal without a frame. The artwork must be hung on wire that can support the weight of the work and meets the weight limitations of 50 lbs.

All works on paper or fragile surfaces must be framed and under protective Plexiglas or glass. Plexiglass is REQUIRED for any painting larger than 24 inches on any one side. Paintings that meet this restriction that have glass instead of plexiglass will be rejected.

Other forms of display and hanging not mentioned above:
Work which cannot use the methods mentioned above must be supported by a dowel or similar alternative, or have either grommets or wire for hanging. The works must hang flat without curling up. No sawtooth hangers are accepted. Supports must be stable and in good repair.

About jurying and judging:

  • We attempt to find judges, that jury based on the images submitted and judge onsite for assigning awards, who are potentially unaware of the work done by most of the local artists.
  • We attempt to find judges who can select diverse expressions and mediums. This is becoming increasingly difficult as our area artists are increasingly engaged in events in Austin and other galleries in Williamson and Travis counties.
  • Jurying is blind. This means that they only receive a work number, a title, physical descriptions, narratives (please minimize names and references that might identify you), notes on hanging, a place to rank or note acceptance of selected works, and the hyperlinks to each image. This is the reason we are no longer asking for personal names in the naming of the image you will upload. Only 20% of the artists followed the naming instructions. We cannot get away from visible signatures on the front of artworks, however, but we do what we can to minimize identification.
  • We pay our judges a small stipend. Most of our judges spend HOURS in the process, especially for our larger shows, and all judges are expected to come onsite to select the winners. For artists coming out of Austin, this is very time consuming.
  • RRA does not preselect work. In fact, we no longer create images for the judges to review. Judges go directly to the hyperlinks as we really do not want to know what our artists are submitting. We know this makes it more difficult for the judge, but as an organization we wish to distance ourselves from this process as several board and committee members know, personally, many of the artists submitting to our shows.
  • We expect our judges to come onsite to judge and award works in competitive shows.

Electronic submission information:

  • If you are submitting a diptych, triptych, etc., submit that work as one submission and provide information in the area of the form that asks for hanging information. Take ONE photograph of all the pieces as they should look hung. The total size hung may not exceed the size constraints, framed and with space inbetween if required, of 48″ high and 24″ wide. The set will be rejected if we cannot hang it within those size constraints.
    • If you want two works to be considered together because they obviously “go together,” even if they are not a diptych, triptych, etc., you must enter them as one image together and they need to meet the total size constraints when the sizes, frames, and spacing are considered. The judges jury each image submitted with each submission as stand-alone items, judged on each image’s merit. You are requested to provide one image, title, combined dimensions, and sales price for the combined pieces.
    • Each piece in the diptych, triptych, etc. and “go togethers” that require separate hanging wires will require an additional $10.00 per wire fee.
  • Label the jpeg image file the title of the work and size, i.e., Sunflowers in Spring_8x10. DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR NAME. WE WISH TO MAINTAIN ANONYMITY DURING THE JURYING PROCESS!
  • Failure to completely fill in all required information in the format required will prevent payment and submission. If you are not able to submit make sure that numbers and all required fields (with the red asterisk) are filled in correctly. Common problems:
    • Date: Only put in the year. Do not put in month, days, etc. Work must be made between 2016 and the submission deadline of December 8.
    • Images are too large: Depending on how you are reducing the size of your image, what is ultimately transferred may be larger than the 2MB limit. Make a couple of copies in sizes smaller than the 2MB limit, such as 1.8 and 1.5. One of these should work.
      • We are not available to “pretty up” your images. Please consider asking someone who is good with a camera or software to fix your image. This also violates our desire to NOT SEE your work!
      • We are not able to replace an image housed in the server for you as we will lose the link name. Please take the time to check the application for duplicate and wrong images before hitting the submit button.
    • Sale price: You used $, commas, or periods. Round to whole numbers and only put in the number without any punctuation or dollar signs.
    • Empty spaces that are required to be filled: You did not fill in a required space. Look for the red asterisks. Look for a red warning also in the form. If you go to the top of the page you’ll note a warning notice.
  • Start the filing process by 11:00 pm on December 8. If several artists are hitting the server at the same time, there will be a slowdown. If you are not filling in the form properly, you may not be able to fix it by the midnight deadline.
  • Artist must complete the Artist Information and Waiver of Liability

Before delivery:

  • Consider printing a copy of this call from your web browser and use it as your planning roadmap.
  • Label your work in the back, affixed in some manner, in the lower right hand corner when viewed from the back. Include the title, your name, your phone number, email, and the number assigned to the work, if it is assigned, prior to delivery.
  • Review all of the required information in this call before going to the computer, perhaps creating a checklist within the call. We notice that several individuals will start new submissions, possibly due to missing information.


  • No work is accepted that requires delivery to, storage in, or shipping from any Round Rock Arts gallery.
  • Artist is responsible for art delivery on the date specified in the call for art.
  • The artist is expected to take all packing material with them after delivering art work.
  • If a work is heavy, the artist should have a cart to roll the work in. For the Downtowner Gallery, it is best to use the parking garage which has an elevator and ramps to the plaza. There are no carts available at The Downtowner Gallery or Jester. The Downtowner Gallery is next to Prete Plaza.
  • RRA reserves the right to reject artwork that does not meet the requirements, including size, weight, quality of hardware and stability of framing, clear digital image representing the work under consideration, timely payment of hanging fee once notification of acceptance has been received, completed form or other.
  • No substitutions for work selected will be accepted. If your work is hanging in another gallery or you are actively trying to sell your piece, please consider entering another piece. This became a recurring problem with almost each show in 2019. We are happy the artists are selling work, but appreciate your consideration of our processes, preprinting of print related media, and volunteers and judges time. No exceptions. Failure to present the work that the judge has selected will result in the inability to submit applications to our called shows for a year after this show.
  • A $5.00 charge will be required, paid in cash or check, if RRA volunteers are asked by the artist to assist with correcting hanging hardware. RRA volunteers will not be held liable for any damage resulting from assistance requested by the artist. Work will be turned away if it does not meet the hanging requirements and the artist does not wish to have staff correct it at the fee mentioned, or if we cannot fix the hanging problem. We encourage each artist to correctly wire his or her works before coming to the Downtowner to avoid this fee or rejection of your work.


  • The artist must agree to display during the entire exhibit period. If a work is sold during the exhibit period, the art will remain in the exhibit until the pickup date.
  • Removal of a work prior to the times stated when artwork may be picked up will result in the inability to submit to our shows for a year after this show


  • We will not be responsible for loss of work not picked up at the requested time and place. We have no storage in the Downtowner Gallery.
  • If the artist is not picking up the work(s), a signed statement or email from the artist with the name and phone number of the person picking up the work is required. This includes any information about a buyer.
  • Art work that is not picked up on the pick up date, without prior arrangements made by email four days in advance or by phone during business hours, will be deemed abandoned and property of Round Rock after three days following the close of the show.


  • Sales are transacted between the artist and buyer.
  • There is no sales commission.
  • The artist is expected to pay all state sales taxes and report income to the IRS. RRA is not liable for any unpaid taxes.
  • The artist is responsible for relaying the following information to the buyer.
    • A buyer may not pick up the work until art pick up times as stated in the call.
    • The buyer is expected to pick up the work within three days following the pick up days and times during posted business hours at the Downtowner.  After that time, the work will go back to the artist and the artist will need to make other arrangements between buyer and seller.
    • It is preferred that the buyer be present when the work has been paid and during the posted pick up times.

Business hours and contact information

  • Business hours: Wednesday-Thursday, 12-6; Friday-Saturday, 12-8; Sunday 12-6. RRArts staff is available Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Gallery email answered within 24 hours (volunteer run):


  • Refunds are not provided, including hanging fees, if the work that is brought in does not meet the hanging standards or other requirements listed in this document.
  • If the volunteers are unable to fix a wiring problem and have already expended time and materials to try to fix it, the wiring fee is not refundable. It is best to wire and test the hanging of the artwork before bringing it in! Review the preparation instructions for the type of framing, canvas, or other substrate you are using.

Other important information and reminders:

  1. Work must meet all requirements in the call. Please do not call the Downtowner for assistance as the gallery lead is not located there. Contact RRA if you have questions at
  2. Art must be family-friendly as it will be displayed in a public space where minors are present. Round Rock Arts and host-site staff will determine acceptability.
  3. Work requiring electricity is not accepted.
  4. The call for art will be posted on the Call for Art page until the close of the show. It is posted in the Closed Calls column. Please check there before for the information contained in this call before contacting us.
  5. Please keep up with your email. You are given the date by when we’ll inform you of selection of works and the date to bring works in. Check your spam folder a day after the announcement date, a day before drop off, and a day before pick up for any other information we may provide.


  • December 8, 2019 midnight.

    • We strongly recommend that you submit up to a week earlier. We expect many submissions with this call as there is no submission fee. There is a hanging fee after acceptance of the work as discussed earlier.
    • Start the submission process by 10 pm if you have not done so already.
      • The system shuts off at 12:00 midnight as that is the deadline. If you are part way done at midnight, your submission will be rejected if you submit after midnight!!!
      • It will take up to 30 minutes to complete the process. As there is no fee for submission, we expect many last minute entries and the server will respond slowly and your work may not be submitted if it is past midnight when the submit button is hit..
    • Ensure you have in your address book. Check your spam folder if you do not receive a confirmation in your inbox that your submission has been received. Contact if you cannot find this first email.
  • December 15, midnight
    • Selected artists and pieces announced to all submitters. December 16, invoices sent out with hanging fees to those with selected works. Hanging fees apply to each piece that needs a separate wire (multi-part works). CHECK YOUR INBOX AND SPAM FOLDERS!!!
  • December 30 midnight
    • Payment of $10 per piece hanging fee due for consideration of hanging in the show. No late payments accepted. Completed payment as registered at Paypal reflects final acceptance into the show.
  • January 5, 3 pm
    • Check your email for any additional instructions.
  • January 6, 8:00 am-10:00 am:
    • Intake of artwork at the Downtowner Gallery. We cannot accept any works earlier as the train show will be dismantled on January 5 and the space will need to be cleaned. As a reminder, if the hanging fee has not been paid by the December 30 deadline, the work isi automatically declined.
  • January 18, 6:30-8:00 pm: Reception for PrintAustin Round Rock Exhibit.
  • March 1, 5:00-6:00 Pick up work option 1. Please do not come earlier.
  • March 2, 8:00-9:00 am: Pick up art option 2. Please do not come later as we’ll be taking in the art for the next show.


  • Size constraint requirements not met. Remember to state the work’s size AS FRAMED. The Downtowner is a small gallery.
  • Framing requirements not met
  • Canvases smaller than 1.5ʺ deep are not framed
  • Plexiglas or glass requirements not met
  • Hanging requirements not met
  • Art work submitted does not resemble the image that was submitted
  • Artworks delivered before or after the announced time for check in as there may be no one present to accept them
  • Works are wet and/or uncured
  • Electricity is required
  • Special hooks are required or the hooks placed on the art work will not work on the Downtowner hanging system
  • The work is considered to be not family friendly
  • The work is deemed too fragile or fails to meet other requirements not mentioned above.
  • This item requires a display case or pedestal. These are not available for this show. All items will be hung on the walls. Please do not ask for a pedestal.