Tiny Treasures

November 24, 2020 to January 15, 2021
Downtowner Gallery – 231 E Main Street #130, Round Rock, TX

Round Rock Arts is proud to present the work of 27 local artists for our Tiny Treasures Exhibit at the Downtowner Gallery, Round Rock, TX.  The show has around 80 small, original fine art pieces. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift, or just enjoy seeing beautiful art, the Tiny Treasures exhibit can be the perfect Holiday activity.
Show closes Friday January 15th, 5pm
Artist Pick Up: Sunday January 17th, 2-4pm
Here’s a list of all artists participating in this exhibit:
Bryan Macilko
Caitlyn Lillo-Combs
Donna Staten
Katherine Purnell
Laurie Thelen
Linda Anderson
Nick Gilley

We look forward to seeing you at the Downtowner Gallery soon!

CLOSED Call for Art Information

Can you create magical little masterpieces in a tiny format? We are looking for small pieces that beg intimacy and close attention, handmade originals that make your heart sing.

In addition to being more affordable, buyers know they can always find a perfect spot to display a small piece of art. Tiny art makes a wonderful gift; simple to wrap, easy to tuck into a suitcase or mail to someone special. Original art elevates the gifting experience!

  • Maximum size on any side is 8 inches.
  • Submission is $15 per artist, for 1-5 images. We would love to see a grouping of cohesive pieces which are individually priced.
  • Triptychs/ diptychs allowed as one submission if under the total 8 inches when together. Otherwise, submit as singles.
  • No media restrictions. Two-dimensional and three-dimensional ORIGINAL art will be the primary focus of this show; any paintings, drawings or prints, little sculptures or any cool tiny things. We will consider functional pottery and jewelry that is unique and exceptionally well done.

Round Rock Arts is a proud supporter of artists in our community. We are pleased to consider your artwork for this juried art exhibit.

If you have any questions, please email DTcurator@roundrockarts.org


Show runs: November 24 – January 15

Submission  deadline – Sunday November 1, 10pm
Artist Notification: Friday November 13
Artwork drop off: Sunday November 22, 4pm- 6pm
Reception: virtual live & artist submitted demos
Pick up: Sunday January 17, 2-4pm



  • Works chosen will be Fine Art in a very small format (or a series of small pieces that look nice as a grouping).
  • Maximum any side is 8 inches including frame.
  • We accept only original works, created by the artist/entrant. Please do not submit the same piece to multiple venues until you know if you have been accepted to this show.
  • Any 2D or 3D media accepted. Ideally, 2-D work should be wired (or a single D-ring). Tiny art is unique, do the best you can to help us display it. We may display some 2-D work on a table with 3-D work.
  • Entrants must be at least 16 years old at delivery of artwork. Parental consent required for artists under 18.
  • Artwork must be hand delivered (may NOT be mailed or shipped). No storage either before drop-off dates, or after pick-up dates. Shipped art will be rejected at delivery.
  • Artists may not substitute another work for an accepted work nor withdraw that work once it is accepted.
  • All artwork must be exhibited for the duration of the exhibit.
  • Art must be family friendly as it will be displayed in a public space.
  • Selected artists must sign the artist agreement and Waiver of Liability form to be submitted electronically or printed and dropped off along with the artwork.



  • Label your work with YOUR NAME in the title: First Name_Last Name_title for example: Pat_Jones_title.jpg
  • Formats accepted: jpeg, png, or gif. Max = 2 MB per image.
  • Each artist may submit 1-5 (one to five) pieces /images. Images may be part of a series, but should be priced to sell individually.
  • Price: use whole numbers only, no decimals or $ signs.
  • Complete the Artist Information and Waiver of Liability.



  • Safety in the gallery and of security of the artwork is our priority! If work is deemed unsafe or difficult to display, it will be REJECTED from the show at our discretion. Artist will be notified.
  • Each 2D should have a way to hang it (a D-ring). For this show, work may be displayed on a table. Make sure hanging system is substantial enough to support it for the duration of the show.
  • All works on fragile paper must be framed under glass. All framed work must be in good repair.


  • LABEL your work on the back. Include title, artist name, phone number and email.
  • Please deliver art on the drop off DATE & TIME (or arrange for someone else to drop it off).
  • Take all packing material home with you.
  • No work is accepted that requires delivery or storage.
  • RRA reserves the right to reject artwork that is misrepresented or is unsafe to display.
  • Art will be rejected if the artist did not sign or submit artist agreement / waiver, either online or printed and delivered with artwork.



  • We will not be responsible for loss of work not picked up at the requested time and place. We have no storage in the Downtowner Gallery.
  • If the artist is not picking up the work(s), a signed statement or email from the artist with the name and phone number of the person picking up the work is required. This includes any information about a buyer.
  • Artwork that is not picked up on the pick up date, without prior arrangements made by email four days in advance or by phone during business hours, will be deemed abandoned and property of Round Rock after three days following the close of the show.
  • Artists who have sold their work during the show are expected to ensure that their buyers pick up the work during the established pick-up date and time. If the buyer is not available, the artist will pick up the work and arrange for an exchange between the artist and the buyer.



  • If sold, we will deduct 3.25% in credit card fees (sales tax collected from buyer). Artists will be paid at show close.
  • The artist is expected to report income to the IRS. RRA is not liable for any unpaid income taxes.
  • If sold, the artist is responsible for relaying the following information to the buyer.
    • 1) A buyer may not pick up the work until art pick up date / time as stated in the call.
    • 2) The buyer is expected to pick up the work at the pick up days and times OR the artist will need to make other arrangements between buyer and artist.



You will be excluded in any RRA show over the next year under the following conditions:

  • Failure to submit the EXACT piece after jury acceptance. Your submission image will be compared to the image on the sign in sheet at delivery.
  • Asking us to replace or remove an item because the work was sold or in another show.
  • Work was not delivered on the drop off date and time. It is okay to have work delivered by a friend.
  • Removal of the work before the pick up date (end of show) by the artist or the buyer.



Originality: In consideration of the opportunity to display my work to the public, and other good and valuable consideration, the adequacy and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, I, the undersigned artist, certify that the art that I am submitting is my original art and that I am the author and creator of such art. I acknowledge that RRA reserves the right to accept or deny any submission with or without cause.

Promotion and Publicity: I grant RRA permission to publish in all media my name, artwork, and location for use in promotion through print media, television, and the internet. I further allow RRA to release such information to other persons and entities. My name will be attributed to my pieces that are shown by RRA or other persons or entities.

Responsibility: I understand that RRA and its partner gallery sponsors do not assume responsibility for loss or damage to my artwork(s) or the loss or damage to frames or glass, no matter how sustained. Reasonable safety and electronic security precautions are in place to ensure added protection of my work. I also understand that RRA strongly recommends that I carry my own personal property insurance. Current partners include Williamson County (Jester Justice Center), the city of Round Rock (The Downtowner Art Gallery), and Texas State University- Round Rock Campus.

Artwork remains in the gallery until the end of the exhibit: I understand that if my artwork is accepted for the show that the work may not be removed from the exhibition until the pick up date described in the Call for Art. It is my responsibility to to notify RRA in writing or by email of a third-party pick-up of artwork at the conclusion of the exhibition. Artwork accepted by the judges, if sold prior to the exhibit, must be placed in the show. Replacement pieces are not accepted.

Sales of Artwork: I am responsible for all sales transactions and the collection and filing of applicable sales tax.

I acknowledge that I have read and understand all terms contained in the description for this Call for Art and the Artist Agreement, and agree to be bound by the terms and stated expectations.

Waiver of Liability: Once I submit this form electronically or by paper copy, I (the artist), my heirs, successors, and assigns, shall indemnify and hold the RRA and appointed officers, volunteers, employees harmless from any and all claims, costs and liabilities for any artwork damage, personal injury, death, or other property damage which is the result of handling and displaying the artwork at The Downtowner Art Gallery, Jester Justice Center, or Texas State University-Round Rock. Our partners’ employees or contractors are likewise held harmless from any and all claims from the artist, heirs, successors or assigns from any artwork damage, personal injury, death, or other property damage, and related costs and liabilities, which is the result of handling and displaying the artwork.