Wrapped In Wonder: Open Call

Fabulously Curated Holiday Arts and Gift Market

Open Call for Artwork:

November 10, 2021 to January 7, 2022 

Downtowner Gallery – 231 E Main Street, Suite 160, Round Rock, TX

Show us artwork that sparks Wonder and Joy! This is a call for fantastic, locally handmade artwork for unique holiday shopping. The gift-giving season in the Downtowner Gallery is particularly joyous with so much art going to new homes as gifts. We hope for another banner season ahead.

We are especially seeking artwork that is “affordably priced” (See below: Q&A – affordable price range) but will leave that distinction up to each artist. Our goal is to bring in visitors who are excited to wander the gallery and will purchase work from the exhibit. 

The primary focus will be one-of-a-kind Original Art, but we will also consider beautifully presented prints and reproductions of your original artwork (See below: Q&A – giclée’s). In addition, we’d love to see beautifully handmade ornaments, jewelry, pottery, and art quilts. (See below: Q&A – display of unframed artwork ornaments and jewelry).

Unlike our usual protocol, buyers WILL be allowed to take their purchase immediately as it is sold. We will call you to re-stock as your pieces sell. (See below: Q&A – buyer takes work).

There are no size or media restrictions. Submission fee is $20, 1-5 images per artist. We encourage you to submit all 5 images. Last year we had our best sales with groupings of cohesive pieces which are individually priced.  (See below: Q&A – I only want to submit 1-4).

Round Rock Arts is a proud supporter of artists in our community. We are pleased to consider your artwork for this juried art exhibit. Since we do not take commissions from sales, artists are encouraged to donate a portion of potential sales to Round Rock Arts to support future programming (indicate at submission). We sincerely appreciate any contributions from our artists. 

Show runs:  November 10 – January 7th

Open Call closing deadline: Wednesday, October 6, 5:00pm

Artist Notification: Friday, October 22

Drop off /deliver artwork): Sunday, November 7, 2-4pm

Pick up artwork: Sunday, January 9th, 2-4pm


What is the price range of “affordable” art?

Of course, “affordable” is subjective! There are art shows all over the country that set holiday show maximum prices at $300 or sometimes less than $100 – but we felt that was limiting to our artists. Think about your own budget when shopping for family and friends, then trust your own judgement. 

Your artistic process will dictate price, but sometimes you can create work on a smaller scale or work in a process that allows for multiple originals (like printmaking) or create something that is less time intensive than your usual style. We also invite you to submit excellent quality prints or copies of your work for this show. 

Giclee prints and copies are not usually accepted at the Downtowner. Why are they okay for this show? Because visitors who LOVE your work are absolutely thrilled to be able to afford something created by you! We are making an exception for this holiday show in order to connect buyers with local artists. We recognize that taste in Art can be personal and sometimes buyers aren’t confident in purchasing a more expensive original as a gift. 

If you create notecards of your originals, please wrap them in a way that we can attach the price tag without damaging the print (like clear sleeves). Possibly bring a pretty basket to display them. We are open to your ideas about displaying cards – tell us in the written description on our submission form.

How do you intend to display unframed artwork, ornaments, and jewelry?  Again, this is not our usual thing at the Downtowner due to our wall hanging system. 

For this show, we will set up tables and unusual displays depending on the types of submissions we receive. We are planning some trees/branches for jewelry and ornaments. Please make sure any ornaments have a hanging loop or hook. Put jewelry on a card so we have a way to hang it and a place to put a price tag.

We’re excited about what you might tell us about how to display your work! On the submission form, tell us what you think might work best.

If the buyer takes the artwork immediately, what do you mean I can re-stock? Last year, sales were swift. If your work sells, we will call you for more art to replenish your empty spot. We know it might take you a few days and it won’t be exactly the same size or shape, but don’t worry, we will make it work. 

What if I only want to submit 1-4 pieces instead of 5? That’s okay, though we do encourage you to show us lots of your artwork. The submission is a flat fee whether you submit just 1 or all 5. If your work sells, it makes it easier if we have seen more of your pieces at submission and can ask for a specific piece.