Support the Arts

We co-host art events and galleries all over Round Rock. Your contributions make our services possible.

Donate Your Time & Expertise

The Downtowner Gallery is open and we would love your help in keeping the space open! Visit and sign up to volunteer!


Celebrate & Participate in the Arts

We host galleries in The Downtowner Art Gallery, Texas State University-Round Rock, and Jester Justice Center. Visit the events and galleries for more information.

Welcome to Round Rock Arts!

We are a non-profit organization based in Round Rock Texas that hosts galleries at the Williamson County Jester Center, Texas State University-Round Rock, The Downtowner Art Gallery, and the Round Rock City Council Chambers. We provide workshops in The Downtowner Art Gallery. In addition, we include our area non-profit performing arts organizations at many of our events.

We are happy to announce that The Downtowner will reopen on August 17 and 18 with a celebratory soft opening. The new gallery hours are:

Wednesdays, 12-6
Thursdays, 12-6
Fridays, 12-8
Saturdays, 12-8
Sundays, 12-6

Volunteers are warmly welcomed to help us ensure the space is open!

Our Facebook page has the most current information for Round Rock Arts and our non-profit partners’ activities. You can reach it at @RoundRockArtsCouncil.

If you have a question or need assistance, please contact us at  Someone will respond to you within 24 hours through that email address.

Chalking Artists for Chalk Walk

We are accepting registrations for chalk artists. Please read carefully the information provided in the linked description and form. Prices are $40 per square through August 31. The rate goes up to $50 on September 1. We are unable to accept additional entries after September 30.

Click on this sentence to get access to more information and the form!

Chalk Walk is managed by the City of Round Rock’s Arts and Culture Division. To sign up for booths, entertainment slots, or to offer other activities go to:

Workshops at Round Rock Arts

Arts Workshops

We are accepting applications for Workshops to be held between:

2019:Mid-September -November 16 (end date of workshops)

2020: First quarter (applications due by November 1 for timely posting)

Interested? Drop us a line at

About workshops:
They will be held at The Downtowner. Depending on the type of class offered, sizes of 5 to 10 can be accommodated while providing a table for the instructor as well.

There is a 25% commission.

The artist sets the rate.

We prefer a minimum of three students and are looking for a wide variety of artists and techniques.

Artists are responsible for set up and clean up.

Cari Washburn is the lead for Workshops. You can reach her through


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