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Welcome and General Instructions

Welcome to our workshop page. Workshops are located in the Downtowner Gallery, located at 231 E Main Street, Ste 160, with a few exceptions. Exceptions are indicated for each class within the description. Paid enrollment of 3 students is required for a class to make. Registration closes 72 hours prior to the start of a class, so don’t wait!!!

Interested in Becoming a Workshop Leader?

Scroll down to the bottom of the page for information on how you can help others gain confidence in their art ability while enjoying the process!

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Interested in Hosting a Workshop?

We are looking for artists and creators to hold workshops in The Downtowner Art Gallery located in downtown Round Rock at 231 E. Main Street, Ste. 160.

We are booking workshops for March – mid-November 2020.  Workshops may be held anytime, including when the gallery is closed. There are extra responsibilities of the workshop leader in terms of opening and closing the space when we are closed. Experience shows that weekends and daytimes that conclude by 5:00 pm are the most likely to “make.”

There is a 25% commission based on student fees (not supplies).

The workshop space at the Downtowner Gallery can accommodate 5-10 students with the narrow tables we have in stock. The number of students attending depends on how much table space is needed per students. We have five student tables and one instructor table. The tables are on wheels and can be easily moved.

If you have any questions before completing the form, contact us at

Please review the contract below before completing the form to ensure that you agree with the content and stipulations. If the terms are acceptable, please complete the form below. Thank you.


Sign Up To Host A Workshop
Professional social and media links. We add those to the workshop post so students can learn more about your work.
Please limit to experience relevant to the type of class you are teaching. You are providing information that will be posted.
Please limit to experience relevant to the type of class you are teaching. You are providing information that will be posted.
Please use the third person voice. What you write will be edited in this voice. This voice includes, "he," "she," etc when discussing yourself. Thanks.
Please note that the amount you are charging includes the commission. Fore example, if the rate is $100, there is a $25 commission per student. Your net would be $75.00. In general, rates start at $150 for 3, three-hour weekly consecutive classes and $60 for a three hour class offered once. We suggest you price your supplies you will charge the students for separately. We will not collect commission on supply kits.
Please state the cost. We do not charge commission on kits you supply and charge for.
Please include approximate cost for each item if readily available, or an overall cost.
If your workshop is just one class, please tell how us how long it will be. If your workshop is a series, please tell us how many classes you recommend and how long each class is.
We can provide a projector, tables, and access to water. We do not have supplies or easels to lend.
If teaching children and youth under the age of 18, a background check will be required and funded by the artist ($8-10 dollars)..
File Upload *
Maximum upload size: 2MB
Upload up to four files that represent the types of art to be accomplished in your classes. Please use high quality, horizontal images. Images are used for the class advertising on the web's workshops page. See the page for an example.

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