• Unless specifically stated, we accept original artwork in all media for all calls
  • Painting or Photography entries must be framed and have a professional appearance
  • Paintings must be ready for hanging with wire (no saw tooth hangers) and protected under either glass or plexi glass with the exception of media used on canvas or clay board
  • Unframed stretched canvas will be accepted if the sides are painted and no staples are visible.
  • Minimum canvas depth shall be 1” or greater. (Fully-wrapped canvas only.)
  • Artist to put label on back of artwork in upper left hand corner with: Title of Painting, Artist Name and Phone Number
  • Entries which are sold from this exhibit (up to 30 days after the closing of the exhibit as a result of having been exhibited in this show) must pay Round Rock Arts a donation of 20% of the sales price. If a sale is handled between the artist and client, the artist must notify staff at ArtSpace immediately upon the transaction
  • Round Rock Arts carries no insurance for loss or damage to artwork in the exhibit or in transit, nor assumes liability for the same. However, every precaution will be taken for the safety of the work. Artists should provide their own coverage if desired.
  • Art content must be family friendly, as it will be displayed in a community facility
  • Submission does not guarantee acceptance and all submission fees are non-refundable

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