Tiny Treasures – Downtowner Gallery – November 24, 2020 – January 15, 2021

Can you create magical little masterpieces in a tiny format? We are looking for small pieces that beg intimacy and close attention, handmade originals that make your heart sing. Call for art deadline: Sunday, Nov. 1 at 10pm


“Round Rock Prints” at Downtowner Gallery – January 19 – February 26


Original call posted with dates and requirements until the end of the shows.

Pandemic Perspectives:
September 16 – November 22, 2020

Big Show:
April 9-June 12 Exhibit

Canvas for a Cause:
June 3 – August 2 Exhibit


2021 Show Calendar
Watch for Upcoming Calls for Art

[ Downtowner 2021 shows]

January 19 – February 26 “Round Rock Prints” Fresh perspectives in Contemporary Printmaking (Part of PrintAustin Annual Festival)
March 2 – April 23 “Let’s Talk” Advocacy in Art / Artists as Activists
April 27 -June 25  “Modern Masterpieces” A  nod to art history; in the STYLE of an Artist or Art Movement
June 29 – August 27  “Water” Symbolic and Representational interpretations / Vital for all life on the Planet / serene, powerful / flooding &drought / pollution
August 31 – October 22 “Upcycled Art & Fashion”  made of recycled materials (with a community runway show)
October 26 – November 19 “Juxtapositions” – 2 or 3 artists working from same subject matter but a wildly different style
November 23 – January 9, 2022 “Trains and/or Tiny Treasures ”

[ Texas State 2021 shows]

February – April  “Imagine: Science” Art inspired by the sciences
May – July  “Imagine: Emerging Artists”  An in depth look at the work of a few selected up-and-coming artists
August – September  “Imagine: Unconventional”  Experimental, bizarre materials or techniques, unusual results
October – December  “Imagine: Celebrations”  A festive intermingling of International Cultures & Traditions

[ Jester Annex 2021]  Group proposals being accepted on a rolling basis, apply now to lock in your date! Group Proposals Info

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