Canvas for a Cause


May 17: Request that you complete the form below so we have a sense of what is being donated.
May 31: Drop off your donation 4:00-6:00  pm.
June 6: Thank you reception for you, the artists.
July 26: Strike. (We will continue selling the remaining of donated artwork after strike.)

We will post your names as our artist supporters throughout the sale, and hope you will be able to support your RRA non-profit in this way.

About Canvas for a Cause

The Downtowner Gallery is the site for selling donated art from artists as part of our ongoing fundraising campaign, Paint it Forward. It will run June 3 through July 26.

We are asking for art between the sizes of 5×5 and 10×10, though pieces up to 12 x 12 are also appreciated. The artists will be given receipts for their donation, the value to be completed by each artist. RRA’s goal is to make the art affordable, ranging from $40 for 5×5 and up to $200 for larger or more complex pieces. Sculpture is also welcome, but should be no larger than 16 x 16 at the base.

Over $30,000 of our operating costs are not covered by submission fees. $2000 of our gallery shows are not covered by submission fees. Our budget is $43,000, of which $20,000 is salaries and related taxes for two 10 hour employees.

We appreciate the support of our artists and we look forward to our continued ability to support them and the visual arts through our gallery shows, occasional shows, Chalk Walk, Art Walk, assisting the City of Round Rock Department of Arts and Culture and other visual art related engagement and marketing.

Complete the brief form below if you are able to participate.

Thank you!

Dr. Dale Lynne Rogers Ricklefs
President, Round Rock Arts

Canvas for a Cause 2020

Contact Information

Please limit sizes to a minimum of 5" on dimension and 12" on the other dimension (length/width) for hung items. For sculptures, limit size to 16x16.

Thank you for supporting Round Rock Arts through your kind donation of artwork.